Friday, September 28, 2012

Donations Accepted!!

Why donate? 

1. I share every thing I convert for free and a little money would be cool :)

2. I will convert as much new games as I can but as you can see there is a small amount of games in my blog because I search for "High Rated" games which are based on unity and are not yet converted !!

2. Downloading + Uploading multiple versions of games = MONEY(I have limited bandwidth) + TIME

3. If the donations reach 10USD I will remove all links(for all users)

4. If the donations reach 20USD I will add a video showing how to convert step-by-step (I will give this video for everybody who donate before it reach 20USD)

5. You will help me so much

Just press on the DONATE button on the right and type the amount you want to give. Any amount is accepted

Thanks in advanced


  1. If you convert Minecraft PE to ARMV6 i will donate 4 USD. Please do it D:!

    1. Its not based on unity .. it cant be converted ! sry bro but people say its impossible to convert minecraft to armv6

    2. It has his own engine D:?

      Mmm, but is no way to convert no unity engine games? or it's very difficult :S?

    3. yeah it has its own engine .And converting non-unity games is so hard that only real pro developers can do it :( .. I'm still a beginner

    4. Please can you tell me what program u use to convert games

  2. Can you convert McPixel?

  3. Hi is that possible to convert games from GLU mobile like INDESTRUCTIBLE?