Monday, January 28, 2013

FireFox Nightly for ARMv6 (OFFICIAL)

Finally , FireFox is now supported in ArmV6
Best browser on ArmV6 so far. Try it your SELF!

NOTE : It's still in BETA!!
I got Galaxy PRO with 800Mhz CPU and 290MB RAM and its working fine :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Streaker! ARMv6

See on Google play
GPlay Link
Download APK

Write names of games you want to get converted!

Follow these rules :

1. Do NOT ask for paid apps to be converted

2. I do NOT convert games made by (Gameloft , Madfinger , Rockstar) or MineCraft

3. Anything else will be checked and answered if it can be converted or not with (Y/N)

Need People to help me at converting !!

I need people who have fast internet connections and unlimited bandwidthes to download files used to converting some games(500MB/file)!! 

If anyone wants to help just send me an email with subject (Converting Armv6) and I will contact you.

EDIT: My email is